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We are a leading Golf Specific Rehab Clinic, tailored to helping you play longer, stronger, pain free golf.

We don’t believe there is one perfect way to swing a club, but rather we believe that every player has the ability to swing efficiently taking into consideration their own joint and mobility restrictions.

At BioGolf, we don’t guess, we assess.

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Biomechanical Screening

Our Golf Biomechanists, use Evidence Based Biomechanical Screens, as well as cutting edge Video Analysis of your swing on a Golf Simulator, to determine areas of weakness or pain-causing swing characteristics.

Founder Jack Cowled (Titleist Performance Institute Medical 2 Certified), aims to help you stay on the course pain free, increase your distance and lower your handicap using Personalised Golf Rehab Programs and Joint and Soft Tissue corrections.

Book online now, with Jack today to play Longer, Stronger, Pain-Free golf.

Why choose us


State of the Art Rehab and Treatment rooms

Access to a Golf Simulator to ensure your Swing and Movements are completely Analysed each session.

Expert team

Our Founder is TPI Medical Level 2 Certified, and has spent years developing programs to achieve each patients, Golf and Health Goals duly supported by Expert Chiropractors and Rehab Consultants to complete your treatment and develop your game.

Health funds

All appointments, including Video Analysis on the Golf Simulator, can receive Health Fund rebates (subject to the holders policy details)

About Us

Jack Cowled

Founder of BioGolf Jack Cowled is a Titleist Performance Institute Medical Level 2 Certified Chiropractor, originally hailing from the inner west of Sydney. 

A long history of playing competitive sports including Golf and Football developed his interest in injury management and rehabilitation, leading him to completing a Masters of Chiropractic at Macquarie University.

Jack has perfected his technique with further study in the area of Golf Biomechanics and Functional Movement, completing his SFMA and Titleist Performance Institute Medical Levels. 

Chiropractic techniques including diversified, ART, taping and Dry Needling have proven effective in treating common injuries seen in athletes of all skill levels, from the high handicapper to Asian Tour Pros.



Jack can plan out paths to recovery for injured Golfers at all levels, preferring to integrate nutrition and rehabilitation plans for each patient, bringing a comprehensive approach to reaching their health goals. Now residing in Sydney with his wife Kate, Jack is looking forward to taking your Golf game to the next level.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No referral is required, but please bring relevant previous scans and X-Rays, to your Initial Consult

Yes, at the time of service you may claim Health Rebates, even for appointments on the Golf Simulator


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Address: Shop 3/36-50 Taylor St, Annandale NSW 2038


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Tuesday: 7am – 7pm

Thursday: 7am – 7pm

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